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Western Union

Using Western Union at


When you choose to pay with Western Union, please follow these 4 simple steps below:

1)Place an order and choose Western Union as your payment method.

2) Confirm your order details and you will get an order number for your western union purchase.


3) Wigstide receiver's full name and address showed below:


Beneficiary:Nan Nan Xue
First Name:Nan Nan
Last Name:Xue
Room 603,Unit 3,Building 5,Helifang,Dongxiaokou Town,Changping District,Beijing,China 102218



When you go to the local western union bank, please send your payment to the designated address above. The money will arrive in about 2-3 business days, and please remember to add your order number on the payment receipt. Otherwise, your payment confirmation will be delayed.


4)Once you complete the money transfer, please do remember to submit your Western Union's Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to our financial department. Without the MTCN and the order number(s) provided, your payment confirmation may be delayed or failed.



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